Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unique Entertainment from Tabanan : Okokan

 Okokan is one of unique entertainment art from Tabanan regency. Now okokan become one of entertainment art which most perform in every event in Tabanan. This entertainment very unique, because the music instrument which used is not general music instrument which used by Balinese to accompanying a ceremony or Bali dance, but this music instrument is used by cow breeder to call up and instructing his livestock. This music instrument also hanged on the cow’s neck by its breeder to knowing where the cow is.

By move bowing or when dissipating a mosquito from its body, this music instrument will move and generating sound. Which demand of entertainment that more innovative, so this music instrument can be used as an entertainment as Baleganjur music. The loud sound and reverberating which released from this music instrument, is accompanied to uniform a motion of its player become separate fascination.

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