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Batu Bolong Temple

Active ImageBatu Bolong Temple is located on the one of "Njung" in Sagara Kidul Tanah Lot, about 100 meters in the west side of Enjung Galuh Temple, to be exact at Enjung Batu Bolong, "Njung" which is the rock that stick out in to the sea was hollow (bolong). Hollow form of this Njung, like crescent, so that this temple named Batu Bolong Temple. So that if we take the picture from Enjung Galuh area, representing uniquely panorama with splashing wave which often collide with wave which return from coastal edge.

And the most uniquely is, splashing wave from west side of Njung Batu Bolong with wave that come from east side of Njung Batu Bolong, so that become amazing panorama which will not forgetting and overcome by fotografer and visitor. More, if we can combine height of wave, as according with calculation of incoming wave from middle of the ocean, will become special picture and best result for visitor.

Batu Bolong Temple was built to pray God for holiness. Enjung Batu Bolong area is a place that always used to held Melasti Ceremony and Pakelem Ceremony, where the meaning of both Ceremonies is to purify the world. Priest (pemangku) for Batu Bolong Temple is Jro Mangku Sena. The Ceremony of Batu Bolong Temple is every Rabu (Wednesday) Wage, Wara Langkir according to the Balinese calendar.

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Unique Entertainment from Tabanan : Okokan

 Okokan is one of unique entertainment art from Tabanan regency. Now okokan become one of entertainment art which most perform in every event in Tabanan. This entertainment very unique, because the music instrument which used is not general music instrument which used by Balinese to accompanying a ceremony or Bali dance, but this music instrument is used by cow breeder to call up and instructing his livestock. This music instrument also hanged on the cow’s neck by its breeder to knowing where the cow is.

By move bowing or when dissipating a mosquito from its body, this music instrument will move and generating sound. Which demand of entertainment that more innovative, so this music instrument can be used as an entertainment as Baleganjur music. The loud sound and reverberating which released from this music instrument, is accompanied to uniform a motion of its player become separate fascination.

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Special in Rambu Solo

         The peak of the ceremony with Rambu Solo called Rante ceremonies conducted in a "special field." Rante In this ceremony, there are several series of rituals that always attract visitors, such as packing the corpse (ma'tudan, mebalun), placing ornaments of gold and silver thread on the chest (ma'roto), the decline remains to be buried to the barn ( ma'popengkalo beam), and the process of transporting remains to the last health (ma'palao).
         In addition, there are different cultures that be, including: compete buffalo (mappasilaga tedong), buffalo to be sacrificed compete before  cut and compete foot (sisemba). In the ceremony also be some music, such as pa'pompang, pa'dali-Dali and unnosong; and some dances, such as pa'badong, pa'dondi, pa'randing, pa'katia, pa'papangngan and passailo.
        Interestingly, the buffalo slaughtered in a way that is very unique and is a characteristic of society Tana Toraja, the buffalo cut neck with just one swing. Type of cut buffalo are not common, but the buffalo-killer (tedong bonga) that the price ranges between 10-50 million a buffalo. In addition, there is also a very startling scene, the convoy when the guests who were to accompany remains Puya, from a distance looked like a long red cloth scarf giant extends in front of it.

Rambu Solo

            Rambu Solo  ceremony is customary death Tana Toraja community that aims to respect the spirit and the people who deliver death to the spirit, that is back to the eternity with their ancestors in a health resort, called Puya, located in the south where people live. The ceremony is often also called the completion ceremony of death. Therefore it is said, because the new people who died is considered truly dead after all this ceremonial procession fulfilled. If not, then the person who died is only considered as the "sick" or "weak", and he still treated as living people, means recline on bed and were given food and water dishes, even the talk.

            Therefore, the local community considers the ceremony is very important, because this perfection ceremony will determine the position of the spirit is dead, as if the spirit that is still left behind(bombo), the soul reaches the level of the gods (to membali puang), or become a patron deity ( deata). In this context, the ritual Rambu Solo become a "Obligation", so that in any way Tana Toraja community will make it as a form of submission to their parents who died.

            Rousing of Rambu Solo  ceremony is determined by social status of the family who died, measured by the number of animals sacrificed. The more buffalo crop, the higher social status. Typically, for the noble family, which cut the number of buffalo in the range of 24-100 head, while the middle range of 8 buffalo tails added 50 pigs.    

             Reviously, the ceremony is only able to be carried out by the noble family. However, in line with the development of economic, social level is no longer based on descent or position, but based on the level of education and economic . Currently, many people from the Toraja people of normal social level to become rich, so it is able to hold this ceremony.


       Poetize and figure  games with words and expressions developed well with the development of culture and language Toraja. Toraja his lyric-poetic verse this londe.

       Londe was the manner of thinking and feeling about something or the purpose. The contents can be advice, opinion, expression of feelings, to the jokes.

      Absence of any posts made londe culture is very limited as the oral tradition inherited down the generations since the beginning of its development.

example of Londe : 

londe allo totemo
londe today

apara ballota tau
ullolangngi te lino
petawa mammi
lako tutunna lalan 

alla'ko kakita-kita
lako kalosi pare
mande' rampona
tang diteka' mangura 

Alla'ko kagereng-gereng
lako manuk undara
tang nabengan pa indo'na
lamu umbu' mangura 

kengku bua-bua teda'
kengku ta'bi lelupang
umbai inang la la'ka' na'
dio randan dodomu


Karrume is a game to guess the words in the language Toraja. The material can be anything that a part of life Toraja. One incident, equipment, processes, animals, plants, to conduct a person can be taken karrume topic. This topic is described in the style and language so that the parable into something interesting for to guess. Karrume challenge and sharpen creativity, familiar and cheers.

example of Karrume :

"Dolo pi'pik undi pi'pik, tangngana kasoe-soe"

respon :

"tedong (Buffalo)"

Tana Toraja is Beautiful

       Tana Toraja has a natural and cultural glamor. Not surprisingly, districts in South Sulawesi that many tourists visit. In addition to panoramic mountain and rice field, sculpture decorate the house into traditional spectacle that captivate.

       I wonder, is the ancestral human Toraja people who come from Nirwana. According to the myth that up to now believed to remain in the community Toraja, the ancestor of their first use the "ladder of heaven" or the person referred to in Toraja "Eran di Langi' "to come down from Nirwana.
      The name initially given by the Toraja ethnic  Bugis Sidendreng and Bugis Luwu. People call Sidendreng population of this area as "To Riaja", which means "those who dwell in the land, or on the mountain." Indeed, Tana Toraja regency located approximately 300-600 meters above sea level. To call this person Luwu "Riajang" which means "he who dwells in the west."
      Another version, the word comes from the Toraja Tau = (people), Maraya = great person, noble. Tana said means the country, so that the settlement with the tribe known Toraja Tana Toraja.

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Priceless moment, learn painting Batik in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the best place to visit if you travelling to Indonesia. Enjoyed Javanese culture, was the beautiful experience that will be felt by you. Visiting Yogyakarta will not complete if you don’t learn painting hand-made Batik. Here, you may not just enjoy the marvelous batik artwork, but you have the opportunity to learn the technique of its production.

Batik patterns you can learn involve hand-made batik (batik tulis), printed batik (batik cap) and painted batik (batik lukis). Each place usually has its special batik pattern to teach. For one day course, you will learn all processes of batik making that generally consist of pattern making, cloth coloring, wax dying and drying.
the tool’s for creating Batik Tulis, canting and melted wax
batik tulis
the tool’s for creating Batik Cap, batik stamp
batik cap
batik lukis

Batik courses in Yogyakarta provide professional instructors to make you competent even though with short course only. Some places also have instructors speaking foreign languages, especially English, to ease you understand the lesson.

One of the places providing batik course is Sanggar Kalpika in Kampung Taman, at the west of Tamansari. There, you can learn painted batik. If you prefer to learn hand-made and printed batik, Balai Batik is the right place. The institution that is located on Jalan Kusumanegara provides special staff and room for you to learn batik. The cost ranges from Rp.250,000 to Rp.1,500,000 based on the course types.

In addition to learning batik, you can also enjoy the activity and the works of batik artisans in Kampung Taman that 30 years ago has been developing painted batik. You can also see various batik styles exhibited in Balai Batik.

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A portrait Kangean island (the island begisar)

create by : edos

Not many people know this pualu, a place that is located far east is a limit or Maduranese eastern islands. No information about the falid ready for the first discoverer of this island, there is a mengatakn this place inhabited by a runaway PKI-resistant escape the disandarkan with the descendants of those who question the place where there is a certain fact that the island is found by the fishermen who come from areas such as the South Makassar this is reinforced by the findings of the places that dominate the coastal areas with suki buginese, and Bajo.
The island is actually less interesting missionary island of Bali that can fascinate many visitors, other than the place of sandy white suit, plus a coconut tree in each mengeilingi coastline gives the impression of natural beauty that is extraordinary. In that surround the sea gave Results abundant fish, such as fish options at safety in the hamlet nyaplongondung village pabian is the result of the sea in the north while the southern part of many of the mangrove forest can produce larva and benur nature. Daratann natural beauty that can also diterawang elegant way to climb gunong Patapan actually is a hill, but by the community more familiar with the term mountain. From a height of less than 300m from the sea surface will not hills around the island. The beauty of the cave tour of the famous caves are reportedly koning perhaps for every person who would enter the tool that can wipe made of stone and will mengahasilkan gong sounds like a reverb, the color of the cave is also visible aga'menguning, gau walls will terliahat paintings from the natural stone , and biantang image and the image that resembles a person. Unlike with Gu petteng located in the western koning cave that is about 5 km towards the west. This cave is considered by society as a cave temapta be imprisoned people, many of the stories circulating in the community that disisni also temapt escape the thief of livestock that will be carried out with perahau Kangean island because this cave near the northern coastal Kangean.
As a very unique and makes it quotation that the island is the island begisar where the chicken came from here begisar have the bersal tuneful voice, it has also been listed in the dictionary enksilopedi Indonesia. Begisar chicken is beautiful because it merupakanhasil perkawiman with the chicken cross the forest naturally. Many people outside the island Kangean the search and chase a chicken so that this now leur secusa its' difficult to find. Aside from the lack of public awareness of this rare, so pelestariannya not kept. Talar Kangean is the type of rice that has high and very tasty. Rice used this type of many farmers planted Kangean and the planting of haisl the many islands outside the Community Kangean interested, and they make it as the typical Kangean. Begisar same as the existence of rice talar Kangean very difficult to find after the switch to the super rice species ...

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The word "Paesna bu'bu '?" Is the name of a food in the Kangean island, somehow typical of this food Kangean or not, that clearly this food taste good and, of course, because food is cheap price teradisional gala, of course, do not use the preservative . for the content of nutrient value there are no research that can be disclosed ..

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Raja Ampat - Papua, the lost paradise

If you had watched The Beach movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio, you will find the same impression when visiting Raja Ampat. The lost paradise deserved to be named for this place because in fact Indonesians personally often didnt know about this place. The beautiful coast, white sand and underwater scenery that were beautiful became the attraction of Raja Ampat.
The Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings,” archipelago encompasses more than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat possibly hold the richest variety of species in the world.

The area’s massive coral colonies show that its reefs are resistant to threats like coral bleaching and disease —threats that now jeopardize the survival of corals around the world. In addition, Raja Ampat’s strong ocean currents sweep coral larvae across the Indian and Pacific Oceans to replenish other reef ecosystems. Raja Ampat’s coral diversity, resilience to threats, and ability to replenish reefs make it a global priority for marine protection.
Many international underwater photographers captured the attraction of sea Raja Ampat. Moreover there are those that came repeatedly and made the book special about beauty of the coral reef and this biota of region sea. Last mid 2006, the special team from the foremost scientific adventure magazine the world, National Geographic, made coverage in Raja Ampat that will become the main report in 2007.

The trip to Raja Ampat was expensive enough, you must prepare around 15k-30k USD /person. From Jakarta you would transit in Menado, afterwards it was continued to Sorong, will take up time around 6 hours. From Sorong the trip was continued by leasing the ship boat or yacht. In Raja Ampat you could choose sleep above yacht or at the resort, both are expensive enough.

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If the City of Bukittinggi (West Sumatra) can be popular because of the beautiful natural panorama and cooling tube, Bali is known as the diversity of their unique customs and culture of art, the Wakatobi (in Southeast Sulawesi) also did not want to lose.

"We want the area known as a tourist under the sea. We say honest, our region is far more interesting than the Caribbean. Regional we even call it-is often referred to many foreign tourists as a tourist area under the sea's most interesting in the world," said Regent Wakatobi Ir Hugua in the presentation of the tourism object Wakatobi, in the meeting room of Directorate General of Tourism destinations Depbudpar, Jakarta, Tuesday.

Listen to participate in the discussion Wakatobi Regent destinations other than the Director General of Tourism Development Depbudpar Firmansyah Rahim and Marketing Director General of Tourism Sapta Nirwandar, also Secretary General of Depbudpar Wardiyatmo and a number of journalists.

According Hugua, the development of regional tourism Wakatobi as natural under the sea at this time increasingly brisk. Community support for maintaining the potential of marine also continue to improve. Evidence is the reduction in the use bombs to take the sea fish. Society does not realize the depth charge only damage the marine biota, which is the secret charm of nature under the sea Wakatobi, but also potential users off the bomb that fishermen.

"Support the Wakatobi Islands at this time are also with the appering home industry which not only sell food and drink fresh, but also provide lodging and souvenirs, lodging at the price cheap," said Regent again.

Meanwhile, the District of Wakatobi itself on the side of the budget continues to increase promotion of tourism Wakatobi, also integrated the financing so that all potential Wakatobi time later on the icon of tourism can be a charming Indonesia. "In fact, in the near future, we will have two airports that can be used by foreign tourists to come to Wakatobi," said Hugua.

Airport investor who built the first Swiss origin a few years ago. Then the airport will be inaugurated in the near future use Pemkab Wakatobi built, located in the Islands Wanci.

With two of the airport, will be Wakatobi more often visited and Wisman wisnus from various places. The tourists came to this area want to see the main attractions in the bottom of the sea on the islands in the area of nautical tourism Wakatobi.

Enchantment of nature under the sea-called Wakatobi Wisman a lot of European origin and the United States in the world's most interesting because, among other forms of coral and marine ornamental fish species which has far more diverse and unique. So that the beauty beneath the sea Wakatobi always be a variety of Indonesian and foreign journalists, each year the race Wakatobi photo below sea level with the world the gift of thousands of dollars the United States (U.S.).

For image-level international competitions in 2008, followed by 65 participants from 9 countries, according to jury chairman Michael AW from Singapore and Makarios Soekojo from Indonesia, the winner reached 13 people. Winner of the main category for Best of Show is Hermawan Wong, a gift to reach 4 thousand U.S. dollars. Winners of the second, Michael Sukri, reach 3000 U.S. dollars and the third winner, Sofi Sugiarto, to reach 2,000 U.S. dollars prize

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Cave of the Yellow

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This cave is located on the north coast village kalikatak. In this light in the cave menderang seems not cave so by the local community in a cave yellow. In the cave, there is a stone shaped like a stack of rice, people who are giving birth, about langgar place and so forth. Meanwhile, by the people who are still primitive cave is considered sacred, so they make a goat or a cow slaughtered and cooked in there. They intend, according to the desire of each. Even if the watch pictures or stones in the cave is only ektalastik studios.

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