Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rambu Solo

            Rambu Solo  ceremony is customary death Tana Toraja community that aims to respect the spirit and the people who deliver death to the spirit, that is back to the eternity with their ancestors in a health resort, called Puya, located in the south where people live. The ceremony is often also called the completion ceremony of death. Therefore it is said, because the new people who died is considered truly dead after all this ceremonial procession fulfilled. If not, then the person who died is only considered as the "sick" or "weak", and he still treated as living people, means recline on bed and were given food and water dishes, even the talk.

            Therefore, the local community considers the ceremony is very important, because this perfection ceremony will determine the position of the spirit is dead, as if the spirit that is still left behind(bombo), the soul reaches the level of the gods (to membali puang), or become a patron deity ( deata). In this context, the ritual Rambu Solo become a "Obligation", so that in any way Tana Toraja community will make it as a form of submission to their parents who died.

            Rousing of Rambu Solo  ceremony is determined by social status of the family who died, measured by the number of animals sacrificed. The more buffalo crop, the higher social status. Typically, for the noble family, which cut the number of buffalo in the range of 24-100 head, while the middle range of 8 buffalo tails added 50 pigs.    

             Reviously, the ceremony is only able to be carried out by the noble family. However, in line with the development of economic, social level is no longer based on descent or position, but based on the level of education and economic . Currently, many people from the Toraja people of normal social level to become rich, so it is able to hold this ceremony.

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