Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Priceless moment, learn painting Batik in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the best place to visit if you travelling to Indonesia. Enjoyed Javanese culture, was the beautiful experience that will be felt by you. Visiting Yogyakarta will not complete if you don’t learn painting hand-made Batik. Here, you may not just enjoy the marvelous batik artwork, but you have the opportunity to learn the technique of its production.

Batik patterns you can learn involve hand-made batik (batik tulis), printed batik (batik cap) and painted batik (batik lukis). Each place usually has its special batik pattern to teach. For one day course, you will learn all processes of batik making that generally consist of pattern making, cloth coloring, wax dying and drying.
the tool’s for creating Batik Tulis, canting and melted wax
batik tulis
the tool’s for creating Batik Cap, batik stamp
batik cap
batik lukis

Batik courses in Yogyakarta provide professional instructors to make you competent even though with short course only. Some places also have instructors speaking foreign languages, especially English, to ease you understand the lesson.

One of the places providing batik course is Sanggar Kalpika in Kampung Taman, at the west of Tamansari. There, you can learn painted batik. If you prefer to learn hand-made and printed batik, Balai Batik is the right place. The institution that is located on Jalan Kusumanegara provides special staff and room for you to learn batik. The cost ranges from Rp.250,000 to Rp.1,500,000 based on the course types.

In addition to learning batik, you can also enjoy the activity and the works of batik artisans in Kampung Taman that 30 years ago has been developing painted batik. You can also see various batik styles exhibited in Balai Batik.

source : amazing indonesia.net

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