Thursday, January 15, 2009

Batu Bolong Temple

Active ImageBatu Bolong Temple is located on the one of "Njung" in Sagara Kidul Tanah Lot, about 100 meters in the west side of Enjung Galuh Temple, to be exact at Enjung Batu Bolong, "Njung" which is the rock that stick out in to the sea was hollow (bolong). Hollow form of this Njung, like crescent, so that this temple named Batu Bolong Temple. So that if we take the picture from Enjung Galuh area, representing uniquely panorama with splashing wave which often collide with wave which return from coastal edge.

And the most uniquely is, splashing wave from west side of Njung Batu Bolong with wave that come from east side of Njung Batu Bolong, so that become amazing panorama which will not forgetting and overcome by fotografer and visitor. More, if we can combine height of wave, as according with calculation of incoming wave from middle of the ocean, will become special picture and best result for visitor.

Batu Bolong Temple was built to pray God for holiness. Enjung Batu Bolong area is a place that always used to held Melasti Ceremony and Pakelem Ceremony, where the meaning of both Ceremonies is to purify the world. Priest (pemangku) for Batu Bolong Temple is Jro Mangku Sena. The Ceremony of Batu Bolong Temple is every Rabu (Wednesday) Wage, Wara Langkir according to the Balinese calendar.

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