Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tana Toraja is Beautiful

       Tana Toraja has a natural and cultural glamor. Not surprisingly, districts in South Sulawesi that many tourists visit. In addition to panoramic mountain and rice field, sculpture decorate the house into traditional spectacle that captivate.

       I wonder, is the ancestral human Toraja people who come from Nirwana. According to the myth that up to now believed to remain in the community Toraja, the ancestor of their first use the "ladder of heaven" or the person referred to in Toraja "Eran di Langi' "to come down from Nirwana.
      The name initially given by the Toraja ethnic  Bugis Sidendreng and Bugis Luwu. People call Sidendreng population of this area as "To Riaja", which means "those who dwell in the land, or on the mountain." Indeed, Tana Toraja regency located approximately 300-600 meters above sea level. To call this person Luwu "Riajang" which means "he who dwells in the west."
      Another version, the word comes from the Toraja Tau = (people), Maraya = great person, noble. Tana said means the country, so that the settlement with the tribe known Toraja Tana Toraja.

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