Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A portrait Kangean island (the island begisar)

create by : edos

Not many people know this pualu, a place that is located far east is a limit or Maduranese eastern islands. No information about the falid ready for the first discoverer of this island, there is a mengatakn this place inhabited by a runaway PKI-resistant escape the disandarkan with the descendants of those who question the place where there is a certain fact that the island is found by the fishermen who come from areas such as the South Makassar this is reinforced by the findings of the places that dominate the coastal areas with suki buginese, and Bajo.
The island is actually less interesting missionary island of Bali that can fascinate many visitors, other than the place of sandy white suit, plus a coconut tree in each mengeilingi coastline gives the impression of natural beauty that is extraordinary. In that surround the sea gave Results abundant fish, such as fish options at safety in the hamlet nyaplongondung village pabian is the result of the sea in the north while the southern part of many of the mangrove forest can produce larva and benur nature. Daratann natural beauty that can also diterawang elegant way to climb gunong Patapan actually is a hill, but by the community more familiar with the term mountain. From a height of less than 300m from the sea surface will not hills around the island. The beauty of the cave tour of the famous caves are reportedly koning perhaps for every person who would enter the tool that can wipe made of stone and will mengahasilkan gong sounds like a reverb, the color of the cave is also visible aga'menguning, gau walls will terliahat paintings from the natural stone , and biantang image and the image that resembles a person. Unlike with Gu petteng located in the western koning cave that is about 5 km towards the west. This cave is considered by society as a cave temapta be imprisoned people, many of the stories circulating in the community that disisni also temapt escape the thief of livestock that will be carried out with perahau Kangean island because this cave near the northern coastal Kangean.
As a very unique and makes it quotation that the island is the island begisar where the chicken came from here begisar have the bersal tuneful voice, it has also been listed in the dictionary enksilopedi Indonesia. Begisar chicken is beautiful because it merupakanhasil perkawiman with the chicken cross the forest naturally. Many people outside the island Kangean the search and chase a chicken so that this now leur secusa its' difficult to find. Aside from the lack of public awareness of this rare, so pelestariannya not kept. Talar Kangean is the type of rice that has high and very tasty. Rice used this type of many farmers planted Kangean and the planting of haisl the many islands outside the Community Kangean interested, and they make it as the typical Kangean. Begisar same as the existence of rice talar Kangean very difficult to find after the switch to the super rice species ...

source : tour of indonesian online


  1. Greetings: I am a surfer and would like to visit Kangean Island-what is the easiest way to get there? Are there local surfers?
    Thank you

  2. the kangean island doesn't have local surfers but view there is beauty...

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