Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special in Rambu Solo

         The peak of the ceremony with Rambu Solo called Rante ceremonies conducted in a "special field." Rante In this ceremony, there are several series of rituals that always attract visitors, such as packing the corpse (ma'tudan, mebalun), placing ornaments of gold and silver thread on the chest (ma'roto), the decline remains to be buried to the barn ( ma'popengkalo beam), and the process of transporting remains to the last health (ma'palao).
         In addition, there are different cultures that be, including: compete buffalo (mappasilaga tedong), buffalo to be sacrificed compete before  cut and compete foot (sisemba). In the ceremony also be some music, such as pa'pompang, pa'dali-Dali and unnosong; and some dances, such as pa'badong, pa'dondi, pa'randing, pa'katia, pa'papangngan and passailo.
        Interestingly, the buffalo slaughtered in a way that is very unique and is a characteristic of society Tana Toraja, the buffalo cut neck with just one swing. Type of cut buffalo are not common, but the buffalo-killer (tedong bonga) that the price ranges between 10-50 million a buffalo. In addition, there is also a very startling scene, the convoy when the guests who were to accompany remains Puya, from a distance looked like a long red cloth scarf giant extends in front of it.

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