Wednesday, January 14, 2009


       Poetize and figure  games with words and expressions developed well with the development of culture and language Toraja. Toraja his lyric-poetic verse this londe.

       Londe was the manner of thinking and feeling about something or the purpose. The contents can be advice, opinion, expression of feelings, to the jokes.

      Absence of any posts made londe culture is very limited as the oral tradition inherited down the generations since the beginning of its development.

example of Londe : 

londe allo totemo
londe today

apara ballota tau
ullolangngi te lino
petawa mammi
lako tutunna lalan 

alla'ko kakita-kita
lako kalosi pare
mande' rampona
tang diteka' mangura 

Alla'ko kagereng-gereng
lako manuk undara
tang nabengan pa indo'na
lamu umbu' mangura 

kengku bua-bua teda'
kengku ta'bi lelupang
umbai inang la la'ka' na'
dio randan dodomu

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