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Makassar city is relatively young when compared to the historical name of the remote past, penetrate. But you know the value of noble origin and meaning of the name? Three consecutive days of King Tallo-VI Mangkubumi to the Kingdom of Gowa, I Mallingkaang Daeng Mannyonri Karaeng Katangka a trap Tuma'bicara Butta ri Gowa (birth year 1573), a dream to see a shining light emerging from Tallo. Light sheen that is beautiful shine overlooks Butta Gowa and to other friendly countries.

Along the third night, the night of Friday 9th Beginning in Jumadil 1014 H or on 22 September 1605 M. (Darwa Rasyid MS., Current-Year Historical years from South Sulawesi to the XIV Century s XIX, hal.36), on the lips beach Tallo moor a small boat. Screen made of sorban, fly fast. A man appears to tether the his boat, then do strange movements. The man turns to prayer. Light radiated from the body that makes men stagger the population Tallo, which damaged many to discuss to the ears of Karaeng Katangka. Blind in the morning, of rushing to the beach. But suddenly the man is already showing 'off' at the palace gate. Berjubah white with green sorban. Face shade. Whole body emit light.

Man is the hand of the King because the rigid amazed. He was holding hands ago to write the sentence in the hands of "Show this article on the man who soon came together on the beach," the man is away casually. Mightiness surprise. He fumble eyes to make sure he is not dreaming. See the hands of any posts that clearly there. Mightiness Karaeng Katangka ago rushing to the beach. That's right, a man appears to tether the boat, and welcome his arrival.

Short stories, told of her experiences before and shows any posts in their hands on the man. "Happy is the sire. This is a two-sentence confession, "said the man. The man who writes is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam own. Of the Prophet has appeared in Mightiness Affairs.

This is history as impressions origin of the name "Makassar", which is taken from the name "Akkasaraki Nabbiya", meaning the Prophet appeared. The men who landed on the beach Tallo is Abdul Ma'mur Khatib Tunggal known as Dato 'ri Bandang, came from Kota Tengah (Minangkabau, West Sumatra). King of Tallo Mallingkaang I Daeng Manyonri Karaeng Katangka embrace Islam after the title of Sultan and Abdullah Awaluddin Awawul Islam Karaeng Tallo Tumenanga ri Agamana. He is the King who embrace Islam in the South Sulawesi.

Furthermore, penyusuran origin of the name "the" can be reviewed in terms of some, namely:

  1. Meaning. To become a perfect human need "Ampakasaraki", which transform what in mind that the act realized. "Mangkasarak" realize himself as a man with a perfect academic TAO or Tau (science of inner confidence). Not like some people who understood that "Mangkasarak" Caliban is susceptible. In fact people who are resentful of the finer feelings.
  2. History. Sources of Portuguese at the beginning of the century to 16 records have been called "Makassar". Century-16 "the" has become the capital of the kingdom of Gowa. And in the Century was also, as the capital city is known by foreign nations. Even in the lyric to the 14-Nagarakertagama Prapanca essay (1365) has listed the names.
  3. Language. In terms of etymology (Daeng Ngewa , 1972:1-2), derived from the word "Mangkasarak" which consists of two morpheme bundle "mang" and the free morpheme "kasarak". Morpheme bundle "mang" means: a). Have such as nature of the word principle. b). To be or to transform themselves as essentially a word. Morpheme-free "kasarak" contains (meaning: a). Bright, evident, obvious, emphatic. b). Appear from the description. c). Large (small or subtle opponent).

So, the word "Mangkasarak" means having the nature of (noble) and declare (honest). As a name, the person who has the nature or character "Mangkasarak" means the person of (noble), declare (honest). As in the mouth as well as in the liver.

John A.F. Schut in the book "De Volken van Nederlandsch lndie" volumes I that speak : De Makassaren en Boegineezen, states: "proud-like mountains, like the natural majestic, the river's areas in high nan flows fast, fierce unconquerable, especially in the rainy season, water-waterfalls spill boiling, foam, churn, often up to the anger that is not looked anything and anyone-who. but also as rivers, mountains nan calm the violent end he approached the beach. So also the Bugis and Makassar, in quietness can accept what is good and beautiful. "

In the expression "Akkana Mangkasarak", is said overtly, although bitter, filled with courage and sense of responsibility. With the words "Mangkasarak" this can be known that if he was treated well, he better. If treated with the fine, he was more subtle, and if he respected, he will be more respectful.

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